The Jaco Component Greasing System has been designed to apply grease to components and processes accurately and consistently.

The system comprises of a base unit which has a reservoir of the grease, fitted with an Jaco Mini-pump or Hammer-pump, which delivers a pre-set and adjustable amount of grease upon demand. The amount of grease delivered can easily be adjusted to give the desired application. The base unit is typically coupled to a bench mounted jig fixture onto which the component to be greased is applied by hand or by automated method. Alternatively a hand held nozzle may be fitted.

The system may be expanded to have a main grease drum feed which remotely refills the base unit with grease when required. Several Component Greasing Systems may be connected to a single main feed drum.

The units are operated with either pneumatic or electro-pneumatic control.

Application accuracy of up to +/- 0.01 ml per shot can be achieved with the system. Standard base units are available with up to 8ml per shot. All units will adjust to zero output.

Rapid applications of up to 120 applications per minute can be achieved with HP8 model.

There are two methods of supplying the Greaser Units with grease:

  • Standard 400ml cartridge supply.
  • Remote automatic filling from central grease drum.

For stand-alone units with low volume use, the cartridge method will normally be sufficient, however if a single unit needs to be fitted with the HP8 model pump then, due to the larger requirement of grease, the cartridge feed method is not normally suitable.

For units that are for large volume applications (e.g. automated assembly lines) or for where several Greaser Units are to be in operation, the Remote Auto-fill option should be selected. Using the Remote Auto-fill System several Component Greasing Systems may be connected to a single drum of grease. The main grease line is only pressurised when refilling the individual Component Greasing System units, thus greatly reducing the risk of spillage due to damaged hoses under constant pressure, and premature wear to the system as a whole.

Technical Details

  • MR250 Mini-pump Output 0 to 0.03ml per/operation max. @ 60/min. code CGSMR250(c)(AF)
  • MR500 Mini-pump Output 0 to 1.2ml per/operation max. @ 40/min. code CGSMR500(c)(AF)
  • HP8 Hammer-pump Output 0 to 8ml per/operation max. @ 120/min. code CGSHPB(c)(AF)