We were formed in 1957 by the Chairman, Alec James, who saw the potential for specialised lubrication equipment for the industrial market. Being the 3rd generation to work in the automotive industry, at Wolsely Motors, he had an insight to the problems of producing parts and cars with little or no automatic lubricators or systems.

The first patented product was the No.1 Spray Gun, this small and inexpensive venturi type nozzle proved very useful in reducing wear on many types of cutting tools, and this lead to the JACO METERLUB Mini-pump. Jaco design and manufacture lubrication systems for pressworking stock lubrication, conveyor chain and oven chain applications, forging and die-casting lubrication and component assembly lubrication and greasing.

The Minipump and the No1 Gun continue to be manufactured over 50 years later with growing popularity for their simple, and reliable construction and operation.

In addition to the lubrication equipments, JACO also developed many items for the Passenger Transport market, in particular with London Transport. Following on from combined work between LT and JACO the world's first automatic vehicle chassis-wash machine was developed and patented. This continues to be manufactured and is currently part manufactured and marketed by Smith Bros. and Webb of Alcester.

Located in the midlands, within easy reach of all the main motorways, we are well placed for many of our customers to visit for demonstrations and development of systems.

All of the JACO product range is manufactured in our Birmingham production facility.