The new Jaco Ecco-Cut system has been developed for the cooling and lubrication of cutting tools and saws with minimal consumption of both lubricant and mains services.

By use of the Ecco-Cut system, an operator can maintain tool life, reduce lubricant consumption and at the same time, reduce contamination of the workpiece and machine from more traditional methods.

Standard Ecco-Cut systems have from one to six pump outlets as required, control of the system may either be pneumatic only or, electropneumatic via a solenoid. Both systems have frequency control methods fitted to allow the user to set output to the desired rate.

Simple and robust manufacture and ease of expansion to larger systems makes the Ecco-Cut unit ideal for many applications.

Developed to continue the 52 years of lubrication experience Jaco has attained.

Technical Details

  • Control level by pneumatic signal or electro-pneumatic
  • Cycle rate upto 180 per minute
  • Output 0.05ml per shot
  • 1 litre or 2 litre standard reservoir option
  • Range of standard nozzles available to suit application