The No.1 Spray Gun is a venturi type nozzle for applying coolants and lubricants to industrial processes.

The No.1 Gun can be used on any type of saws, drilling and tapping machines as well as some forging and die-casting operations.

The No.1 Gun has been in continuous production since 1957, and is in use across the world.

The No.1 Gun has only one moving part, the piston, which controls the supply of liquid to the gun. The piston is operated by a spring which shuts off the nozzle when not activated. The nozzle is activated by the use of a simple on/off tap or solenoid valve, and is capable of operating at up to 80 cycle p/m with line air pressure up to 100psi.

When activated the No.1 Gun draws fluid from the non-pressurised supply reservoir and mixes it with an adjustable air blast to form the spray pattern.

The No.1 Gun has needle controls for the fluid and air flow setting, each has a lock nut fitted to secure once set. With adjustment of these two controls a wide range of spray types may be achieved.

Technical Details

  • No. 1 Gun inlet ports 1/8"BSP.
  • Adjusting method: needle screws with lock nuts.
  • Cycle Rate - 80 cycles p/m

For applications such as pressure die-casting, forging and large saw machines, the 'R' Gun is most suitable.

Used either as a venturi type nozzle or in combination with the Jaco CCM Pump, the 'R' Gun will apply forging/casting lubricants as required.

Capable of high cyclic duty in arduous conditions the 'R' Gun is available in Standard, Adjustable and Full-flow versions.

For applications not mentioned or for larger scale application of lubricants to forging and die-casting there are other products available in the range.

Technical Details

  • 'R' Gun 'standard' inlet ports: 1/8"bsp.
  • Adjustment screws: N/A.
  • Other features: removable nozzle jet.
  • 'R' Gun 'adjustable' inlet ports: 1/8"bsp.
  • Adjustment method: needle screws with lock nuts.

The Jaco double action type Hand Spray Gun can be used for spraying many types of release agents onto dies used in the manufacture of forgings and castings, although it is primarily intended for use in pressure die-casting.

Made to stand the rigours of the industry the gun is manufactured from high quality materials and is easily stripped and cleaned for maintenance.

The Jaco Hand Spray Gun is available in a standard and a lightweight model to suit the individual needs of customers.

The Jaco Hand Spray Gun is operated by a single lever which operates 2 valves. On the first part of its travel it operates an air valve only, to give an air blast onto the dies to remove metal flash and other foreign bodies. On the final part of its travel, a second valve is opened allowing the air/release agent mixture to pass through the spray nozzle onto the dies.

The Hand Spray Gun is fitted with pressure seating valves on both the air and lubricant ways, making it suitable for Gravity or Pressure supply whether from floor tank, ring main or pressure pot. An alternative method of feeding lubricant to the Hand Spray Gun is to use the Jaco Lubricant Feed Unit which provides a pressure supply of lubricant when spraying but no line pressure between spraying periods. This system uses the Jaco CCM Pump which delivers the lubricant to the spray gun upon demand from a main reservoir tank.

Standard Hand Spray Guns are supplied with a set of three nozzle jets and outlet tubes 450mm long. These may be cut down to suit your application needs. On the Standard Gun the three nozzles supplied give:

  1. Straight out spray direction.
  2. 90 degree to lance (one side).
  3. 90 degree to lance (two sides).

Technical Details

  • Inlet ports: 1/4"BSP female thread.
  • Outlet nozzles 1/8"BSP thread.
  • Outlet tubes: copper lined steel tubing with galvanised outer coating.