The Meterlub Unit is designed to apply lubricants to pressing and forming processes. The unit applies a pre-set but adjustable amount at each operation, meaning the lubricant usage can be accurately controlled. Due to this precise method of application quality may also be improved.

All Jaco systems have been designed for minimum quantity lubrication since 1957. Each system will allow the user to achieve the maximum economy of lubricant usage.

The system features a non-pressurised lubricant reservoir for safety reasons and therefore may be refilled at any time, even when the unit is operating (subject to guarding). The system can be operated with either pneumatic or electro/pneumatic control.

The system will handle most pressing and drawing lubricants currently used in industry, including water based emulsions and self-slumping grease types.

A standard range of nozzles and attachments are available to cater for varying applications.

The Meterlub system has been in operation world-wide for over 50 years. Its simple and robust design and construction keeps the unit working year after year. Simple maintenance procedures mean minimal down time.

With each outlet fed by its own pump the system allows for the maximum of control over the application. Systems are available with pump monitoring and lubricant level control for interfacing with the main machine control system. System will operate at up to 120 cycles per minute depending on lubricant and controls used.

Standard Meterlub™ systems have from 1 to 16 outlets, however, each system can be tailored to suit all requirements.

The Meterlub system has a range of standard nozzles to suit most applications: (Bespoke nozzles can be designed to suit special applications)

  • AA' nozzle (for conveyor and small area applications)
  • MA nozzle (for general use on industrial applications)
  • Solid shot nozzle (for use where lubricant only is required)
  • EH nozzle (wide area lube only spray)

The Meterlub conveyor lubrication unit is designed to apply lubricants to any type of conveyor chain or track. The Meterlub Unit applies a pre-set but adjustable amount at each operation, meaning lubricant usage can be accurately controlled. Due to the precise method of application each bearing and link may be lubricated correctly.

The lubricators feature the Jaco Auto-lift-off Valve which automatically lifts clear of the chain when not energised. Two versions of this valve are available, pneumatic and electrical output. Low lubricant level interfacing is available as well as remote filling for overhead and high level conveyors. Correct application to cruciform type chains requires logic control of the lubricator; this is built into each lubricator so that only the links and areas that required lubricating are covered.

Systems are available for other types of conveyor chain not mentioned and for special applications related to conveyor lubrication.


Meterlub units are used in the following industries/applications:

Aerospace, nuclear, ministry, automotive, rail, construction, domestic appliances, food industry, bakery ovens, abattoir conveyors, garden equipment, conveyor chains, oven chains, power presses, wood saws, ferrous and non-ferrous cutting, hot brass stamping, forging, forming and swaging, bearing lubrication, grease application and assembly lubrication.

  • Stainless Steel system for food industry applications
  • Muli-point pump for small conveyors
  • Standard nozzles on scrap conveyor

Technical Details

  • Two pump sizes MR250 0.3ml/shot max. and MR500 1.2ml/shot max. all adjustable to zero output
  • Application frequency up to 120/min when controlled by correct air valve and signals.
  • Maximum input air pressure 80psi, 5.5 Bar