The Meterlub Non-Contact Lubricator (NCL) is designed for applying a wide range of lubricants and preservatives from spirit/water based up to light greases.

The unit can be used for applying lubricants prior to pressing operations, either to coiled strip or to prepared blanks. It is also suitable for applying preserving oils after manufacture or slitting.

The NCL does not touch the material when applying the lubricant or preservatives, thus reducing the risk of contamination to the materials from contact by rollers, and damage to the rollers by the material.

The NCL was developed to apply spirit and petroleum based lubricants to large areas of material without the use of compressed air or traditional pressurised spray systems. The NCL avoids the usual drawbacks of pressurised spray namely the creation of a lubricant aerosol which can be a health and safety hazard, and can cause general mess and waste around the work area. No compressed air is used to apply the lubricants or preservatives to the strip. Compressed air is used only to power the lubricant feed system for the NCL. This features a non-pressurised reservoir tank with inlet strainers, a transfer pump and control valvery.

The unit is mounted after the feeder and before the press tool. The material typically passes below the unit and oil is deposited evenly across the full width of the material. On slow stroking presses the unit operates at each feed cycle, on fast presses the unit runs continuously.

NCL units are available to lubricate widths of 100mm up to 2000mm as standard. Special units are available to apply to very wide or large areas, please ask for further details.

The unit is controlled either by the press feed angle signal or by a rotary transducer running on the strip.

There are light and heavy duty versions of the NCL available to suit all requirements. Remote control application width is also available as an option.

Technical Details

  • Unit powered by 1ph 220vAC or 3ph 415vAC motor with inverter control as an option.
  • Reservoir/pump system pneumatically operated with solenoid control.
  • Reservoir is non-pressurised.
  • Low level warning fitted for interfacing with machine control system.
  • Non-contact Lubricator is controlled from press or machine to which it is fitted.